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Zac Hanson Interview 92.9 Perth April 24

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Radio interview to Zac via phone on 6PR News Talk.

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Fragments of interview to Taylor at “Lindsay” show on B105 FM.

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Taylor Hanson at 2DayFM Breakfast (Australia) April 9

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Phone interview to Taylor Hanson. He tells Kyle & Jackie O about fatherhood, Get The Girl Back and the upcoming Australian ANTHEM Tour next August.

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Zac Hanson
Britney or...nevermind

Zac thinks this battle is not even fair… VOTE NOW and show who is the real winner here! http://popcrush.com/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-vs-hanson-mmmbop-greatest-pop-song-of-the-modern-era-round-2/

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On The Road Acapella

On The Road Acapella

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Everything Is Awesome

Everything is awesooooomeeee!! ♪♫

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Isaac Hanson
Writing For Your Love

Ike singing “For Your Love” fragment

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Ike and Zac Hanson

Isaac and Zac saying “Hola!”

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Why You're Gone

Taylor and Ike singing their version of “Why You’re Gone”

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Zac Hanson
And I Waited Acapella

Zac singing “And I Waited” almost acapella

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Isaac Hanson
Ike Speaking Spanglish

Ike quoting the “Three Amigos” movie fragment

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Taylor Hanson

Taylor saying “Capuccino” in a funny voice